27 Aug 2016

wharf. style

navy bomber jacket - topshop / stripe shirt - huffer / sneakers - adidas / jeans - acne studios
photos by - char yates / shot in - herne bay, auckland

If I'm perfectly honest with you, I made a fashion post because I wanted to show off my new handbag, and no other reason! Maybe I'm a fashion blogger now because I actually loved taking and editing these photos!

As I call it, we went sunset chasing at the local fishing wharf and beaches near my house and you know that perfect hour of light, we got just that! Optimum photo time - just look at all those golden tones! This is my go-to outfit at the moment - I've fallen in love with this TopShop bomber jacket and (another) striped shirt! 

Now, the bag! It was my 17th birthday present (sometime in the 3 weeks that actually feels forever ago now!) from my parents and is a MYDEERFOX bucket bag. It is literally the most amazing bag in the world and it fits EVERYTHING in it! I go outside feeling like Mary Poppins with everything in one bag! I'm sorry, I'm way too excited about it!

Guys! I fashion blogged for the first time since 2012 (and we definitely won't revisit those horrors), aren't you proud?

Maybe I'll even continue...
xx Harri


20 Aug 2016

a blogger's planner

Can we just start with the fact that my dream came true! I'M WORKING WITH KIKKI.K!!
Like the prettiest stationery *insert heart eye emoji here* on earth and the literal reason my blog is pretty is collaborating with me!

Right, on to the part you actually come to my blog for (rather than my over excited ramblings haha)
Every good blogger needs a planner - and if it's aesthetic, well then you are winning at life friends!

Kikki.K does a wonderful range of leather planners. To be honest, any Kikki.K lover imagines themselves as a business guru carrying their Kikki.K planner around.

Here's how I decorate and use my Textured Leather Planner for you to become inspired to jazz up your own with pretty stickers, cut outs, photos and more!

Enough from me, go enjoy my lovelies xx

P.S. Please go flick me a subscribe on Youtube as I will hoepfully start posting youtube exclusives soon (I'm trying to get over the fear of posting my voice online!)

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, and all opinions expressed are my own. I was sent an planner free of charge in return for a review and feature on harri wren blog. Many thanks to Natalie @ Kikki.K for sending me the planner to try out and share with you