3 May 2016

Mothers Day Breakfast X Avery

Today I'm partnering with Avery Products Celebrate with Avery campaign to bring you another video in collaboration with their labels. This weekend it's mother's day (my reminder to you all!) and you can treat your mum with a wonderful breakfast in bed with Avery labels. Watch the video to see how I made mine!

On another note...this video reminded me how much I love using pink. I made this pillowcase and napkin one afternoon and it is now stowed away in my large box of styling props which is full of pink and copper as I don't use it in my room that much anymore. And have I mentioned that cute pink teacup! Look at how pretty it is!!

For this video I used the Avery printable folded place cards where I wrote 'i love you <3' and the printable postcards. I used the postcards to make a menu for the breakfast as you can see below!

- H x


30 Apr 2016

Harri Design Co.

You may remember my little shop from a couple of years ago! It's been sitting there not updated for so long that I thought it was time for a revamp!

So here I am today, to let you know that my shop Harri Design Co is officially open for business with a brand new name (you can also find the link in my navigation bar ^^)!!

I'm currently offering some pre made logos and more will be added in the coming weeks. I'm also now crafting up custom logo/header designs. I'm really hoping I can add even more products into this shop including my typography/fonts, more downloadable graphics, blog designs and even some of my photography!

I hope you enjoy having a peek and maybe purchasing yourself a new design for your own blog or business
- Harri x