10 Jun 2013

Adding Your Watermark

Sorry for doing another Design Tutorial straight away, but this is more a blogging tip than a design tutorial. Don't click off  because if you are a blogger, this important. Recently, the lovely Dana from +Wonder Forest had a horrid case with copyrighting. But thanks to her trusty water marks and her copyrighting, the site was taken down. To avoid this happening to you, and you not being able to claim your photos, you should add your watermark. I just did this yesterday (yes it did take a while). This tutorial is for Blogger users as it uses Google's free photo hosting service called Picasa Web. 

When you upload a photo to a blogger post, it automatically goes to your Picasa Web Album - named after your blog. Just go here to find it. Once you have found your photo that you want to add your watermark too click edit.

Once you are in Creative Kit (it may take away to load by the way) you can add text in any font, colour and opacity with your blog address on it and press save. In order for this to show up on your blogger weblog, select replace original photo.

So it may take a while to do all of your photos, but it might be worth it if you get photos stolen from your blog in the future. Better safe than sorry. You can also do this in photoshop as you go, but you can just add it every time you add a photo. 

See you soon
Harri xx



  1. I've added your button now. please pubt my ad back on top. :) thanks!

  2. What a wonderfully inspiring blog you have. I'm so happy to of stumbled across it. I'm now your newest follower on bloglovin' and looking forward to learning lots from you. ;-) x


  3. check out my blog & follow if you like :) I follow back! :)


  4. I just used these tips to pop watermarks on all my photos - this was so useful, thanks! ^_^


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