29 Jun 2013

Make it: Photo-Covered Journal

Hello!! Considering that my blog is called "Cupcake Crafty", I probably should make some crafts to share with you. Well here you go - a photo covered journal. It's pretty simple really, but read along if you want to do this awesome photo covered notebook. If you don't have a notebook, you should really get one. I barely last a day without one. This can get very extreme, I ended up making my own this week!! But I'll share that craft later on.

So what you need is a blank notebook (mine is from the $2 shop), scissors, glue (or modpodge), fabric, and two printed photos.

To print the photos, measure your notebook and add one inch to the height and width of the photo when you print it. I printed mine on glossy photo paper for the best effect.

Apply the glue to the front of the book. Don't touch the spine. Once you have glued both sides on and they are completly dry, measure your fabric to the height of your notebook and three inches wide. If your notebook is thinner or thicker, feel free to adjust. I don't think mine was quite that in the end.

And there you have it. Your own photo covered journal. I'll be carrying mine around for the next few weeks. I'm also going to use it to participate in Emily's (Emily Jane) july journalling challenge. Visit her blog for more details. #emilyjanejournalchallenge

Have a great day xxHarri



  1. Hey Harri,
    That's such a cute idea! I never thought of adding the fabric across the spine. It definitely looks a lot prettier.
    xo. Flora // thelastpostblog.blogspot.com

    1. Well it's always so impossible to get the image perfect, so the mucked up stuff and uneven edges are all hidden under that fabric!

  2. Hii!! Ohh I ´m just making mine journal book! So so excited about the july challenge emily made :O
    Need to share my journal with ya ;)

    xx Barbora♥

    1. Looking foward to seeing it - send me an email (I might feature it on the blog) cupcakecraftyblog@gmail.com

  3. How adorable is your blog! Can't believe you're only 13!
    Found my way over here from Lovely Serendipity ;)

  4. Gia sent me here! I am definitely going to follow you now! Such a lovely blog, would you mind checking out mine? I've just updated with a sewing post :)

    x Erin

  5. Hi! Found out about your blog through Lovely Serendipity. Cute design!


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