20 Jul 2013

Chalkboard Storage Jars

Today I've got a craft to share with you. It's really easy, and they definitely come in handy. I was experimenting with some chalkboard paint I found, and I painted some jars. Now my jar can be used for anything (and chalkboards look cool!!) and be labelled. I love labelling jars with stickers, tags and labels (I might share some of my original labels one day). 
All you need is some chalkboard paint (I use Resene Chalkboard), a paintbrush and a old (or new) jar.

All you need to do is paint the chalkboard paint on. I made a strip, but you could put some masking tape around and paint right around in a really nice round circle. I went for a more rustic look.

There you go. The possibilities of what to do with it is endless (!!). Have a great day xx Harri


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