15 Jul 2013

Lots of Art

I've been doing a lot of drawing and sketching lately. I'm really enjoying it, as I spend a lot of time blogging and drawing on my iPad. I've done a geometric print and some pretty dresses.

Have you noticed some changes around here. I have a little header with a manilla folder style category list. Click on them to view some of my categorized archive posts. Obviously it will grow over time but if you are a new reader, you should go and have a nosey around the archives. I got the idea from Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess. I've been very addicted to their blog (and photo editing app) and found their archives very helpful, actually being able to look through posts at a glance. xx Harri



  1. this is lovely, Harri. :)

  2. I adore A Beautiful Mess, too! I can easily get lost in the blog tutorials and help and such. Really love what you've done with the folder categories along the top, and even more so the images in them. Very tempted to do something similar with my blog, but I don't have the patience to do so right now!


  3. Hey Harri! Oh my gosh! <3 your art! but what pens do you use?! Would love to know! Thx!
    P.S <3 ur blog!


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