24 Jul 2013

Pom Poms

Everyone loves pom poms (especially cats) and they are really easy to make, with no special equipment. The top two pom poms were made with one color, then another color on top, and then another. The other one was made using multicolored wool, but you make them the same both types.

All you need is wool, scissors and cardboard discs. We just cut them out using cardboard. The bigger the disc, the bigger the pom pom.

Start by tying the two discs together with the wool, and then continue going around and around the discs, till you have gone around at least 3 times (for a more poof, go around even more)

If you are really confused, you might get the idea from the picture above. It hopefully should look like a giant donut. The next bit is quite confusing. You have to cut between the two cardboard circles. Like below. Make sure you hold the pom pom together so it doesn't fall apart.

Then get a piece of wool between the discs and tie tight. Then remove the two discs and there, your pom pom should puff right up like so.

I hope you enjoyed (and could follow) this DiY of mine. I would love to see your results! Have a great day xx Harri



  1. Hii!! I think this tutorial is really clear and oretty :))
    Thanks!! Oh btw I really like your bame ^^

    Xxx Barbora

  2. OOOh Those r soo adorable! My cousin made me one when I was little and they are sooo cool! I might make one today coz I have some nice wool!
    Thnx for the idea!
    Alex XOXO

  3. Oh cute ! My mother taught me how to make these when I was smaller, they are just too adorable :D


  4. Pretty pom poms :)

  5. I love these so much I bought some wool so can make some ;)


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