17 Jul 2013

Printable Gift Bags

Gift Bags full of sweet treats are always the best. Birthday party goodie bags, filled with lolllies, necklaces, toys and all sorts of little trinkets. Everybody loves goodie bags (a very good reason to go to a party) and now you can make your own. I've made a template for little gift bags and they are all customized with my art. If you have been here a while, you might remember this post, where I shared with you my original print of "Little Scribbles".

This time, I have added two other prints of mine. My pastel geometric print and my digital floral print. I've also included the link to "Little Scribbles" as it is one of my favourites. You can download them in either file type; Portable Network Graphic (PNG) or Portable Document Format (PDF)

"Pastel Geometry"

"Little Scribbles"


To assemble just cut out and fold on the dotted lines and try and flatten. If you flatten them right, it will form a small triangle in the sides and will fold like any flat paper bag, that you buy from the store. Leave a note in the comments if you need help.

I hope you like these! If you use them, share a pic with me on Instagram (@cupcakecrafty) or hashtag #cupcakecrafty
xx Harri

Please do not share this printable, use for profit in any way, or claim as your own. All artwork is © copyright Cupcake Crafty, 2013. If you'd like to share on your blog, please only link to this post, not to the download link.



  1. These are so cute and a really inexpensive way to make a present more customised! Very creative :D

    Kathryn x

    1. Glad you like the Kathryn!! Hope you download some

  2. Cute giftbags Harri. I love your new layout btw, I think you keep improving all the time.


  3. Thank you very much for your kind comment, Carlyn.

  4. It's incredible to see how much your blog has changed Harri! I loved it then and I love it now ♡ Looking great!
    Izzy xx



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