18 Aug 2013

Colour Stories

What on earth are colour stories? you might ask. Well it's the base for any design and is one of the first things I think about when, taking photos, doing blog design, drawing, fashion drawing and anything the want-to-be-designers do. Colour stories are the base colours that you will use in any project, if it's your living room colours or your latest dress collection.

Choosing colour stories are very easy to do, as we all have eyes and know what colours go together. But if you are stuck, get a colour wheel. Opposites attract, so colours opposite each other on the wheel are very contrasting (and cool together).

These colour stories (above) are from a couple of dresses I drew, and a story for my next printable (I won't reveal to much, but it's almost ready).

So next time you are designing something, drawing something or thinking about your next room makeover, think about colour and colour stories that could be good to use. Your imagination will take it from there. xx Harri



  1. Nice post Harri. I'm not very good at looking for colours that go together so I use http://www.design-seeds.com/ .

  2. I've never heard of colour stories before! This is very useful since I am really into designing and, yes, I probably classify as a want-to-be-designer. ;)
    Thanks for the tips!
    xo Rachelle


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