16 Aug 2013

Decorated Party Cutlery

Party cutlery is so boring. Plain old wooden cutlery, but some people live with it, since they don't have to wash the cutlery afterwards. Instead of putting up with it, I have decorated some wooden cutlery and I'll show you how I did it.

Supplies Needed Wooden Cutlery, cut out paper dots, letter stamps and stickers. I decorated mine, three different ways, but the possibilities are endless. 1. I used the cut out dots to wrap around the handle and create a scalloped effect. I just glued down paper dots, but sticker dots would work even better. 2. Stamped Words. I recently bought these stamps from Kikki-k, they are very cool because they are hand drawn letters. I stamped words like yum, eat, cake, sweet, party, celebrate. 3. I used some old stickers with food on them for the knifes but any sort of sticker would work. 4. Tie each set together and pop them on a plate.

Now you'll have the prettiest party ever with your decorated cutlery. Enjoy. Harri xx.

Other ways to decorate; washi tape, paints, of absolutely anything you can think of



  1. They look great!!
    And Kiki K is like absolutely my FAVE shop!!
    Alex XOXO

  2. Really cute!! They look soo vintage and pretty :)) really cute idea!!

    Harri I have completetd the 50 random things about me tag and I tag u in to do it too :)) u can check it on my blog

    Xx Barbora


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