24 Aug 2013

DIY Blog Planning Notebook

Remember when I told you about my blog planning notebook. Well I'm going to share you my DIY for making binder ring planner (you could also use these for scrapbooks/photo albums as I was going to do,  but I've now decided to participate in Project Life by Becky Higgins. But more on that tomorrow). Now to the DIY......

Supplies Needed: binding rings, sticky notes in many colours refill paper (with holes), craft knife, ruler, pencil, big hole punch and thick cardboard. 1. Measure your refill and add 1 cm onto width and height when drawing onto cardboard. cut out 2 pieces. 2. Cut out cardboard (these will be your covers) and cover with paper (and decorate if you want). 3. Using a hole punch (industrial is good for thickness), punch holes in cardboard so to fit refill paper. 4. Fit the binding rings around the cardboard and paper and there. And don't forget to decorate the cover

To make into a blog post organizer. Cut sticky notes to a small rectangle and stick on edge of each piece of paper in manilla style form to make different categories. Write your ideas on different colored sticky notes (one for each category) and add to category page.



  1. This is such a cute and great idea! I love it!

  2. This is an adorableee idea!!
    Have to try this out!!
    But the problem is... I already have WAY to many DIY notebooks, might have to wait on this but will definitely do it in the future!
    Alex XOXO

  3. Hey Harri,
    I, like Alex, could start my very own notebook museum but I think I'll try it anyway. My current blog notebook is almost full and falling apart, so... Thanks for sharing!
    xo Flora // thelastpostblog.blogspot.com

  4. This is a wonderful idea! I currently have a notebook for my blog, but this seems like a better idea.
    xo Rachelle // belovedbluebird.blogspot.com


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