25 Aug 2013

DIY Camera Strap

I have quite a few scarfs. I always find them so pretty, but never practical. I have them in the drawer and they just sit there, and sit there until one day I remember that I have scarves. This goes on and on. I also wanted to buy/make a cute and colourful camera strap. Everyone knows that the Canon EOS ones are quite flash but very un pretty. When I found Brittany's post on CraftGawker, I instantly wanted to make one like hers. But I don't have leather or clasps and even though I could get them, I didn't actually think that it would hold my camera. My two week old camera is not something that I want to just fall off a strap right now. It's already been faulty (but I got a new replacement, so it's all good) and it just wouldn't be the best scenario.

So what about making the Canon camera strap into something pretty with a scarf. I chose my favourite scarf (from Witchery8fourteen) and wrapped it around my camera strap. The scarf was a perfect length to wrap around, and I actually really like the rustic look of the strap being wrapped around the strap. At each end, I just fastened it onto the strap with a couple of good old hair ties. It's amazing what those hair ties can do other than tie up your hair. I always have a bunch stored for craft projects. And really that's all there is to it. A personalized camera strap for a scarf and you don't have to sacrifice your favourite scarf to the sewing machine as well. I might even change the scarf for different occasions (what if the scarf doesn't match your dress).

Have a great day xx Harri

P.S. Sorry for the not-so-good photos, I can't really take photos of a camera with a camera. iPhones sometimes can really save the day!!



  1. This is a great fun idea! That scarf is really pretty~

    Gen | raspberry-notes.blogspot.com

  2. Oh looks awesome!!!
    The scarf looks sooo pretty on the camera!!!
    A nice way to customise a camera!!!
    Alex XOXO

  3. Hey Harri!
    It looks so pretty now! I don't think I'll try it though since I'm not too sure my dad would be happy if I covered his camera strap in pink roses, but if I ever get my own camera I'll try for sure! :]
    I love your starry shirt in the second photo by the way!
    xo Flora // thelastpostblog.blogspot.com

  4. Haha - maybe not. The starry shirt is actually a dress. I'll share some photos soon!


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