29 Aug 2013

DIY Instagram File Box

Hello All! I'm back with another craft from my collaboration with Printstagram. My Dad got these new sunglasses and they came in a really cool box. They were the perfect size for my mini prints that Printstagram sent me. As you know, I'm loving anything with manilla style folders right now, so I played around with some cardboard and came up with this file box concept. You might just be able to buy a box or if you want make one.

Supplies needed: scissors, a wooden box, Printstagram Mini Square Prints, cardboard (about as thick as prints), a pen and a pencil, 1. Trace around the prints onto cardboard (or measure 2.5"). 2. Add a small manilla flap on top of traced squares. You could measure this, but I just drew it up and made it look quite rustic. 3. Categorize your prints into sections, and write labels on each manilla flap. You may need to make some more pieces. 4. Slot into wooden box and add your photos.

Set it down on your coffee table and flick through them next time you sit down. Thank you for collaborating with me on this post, Printstagram xx Harri



  1. Hi Harri,
    I think it would be so cool to just be able to flip through your photos instead of having them all stuck in an album or scrapbook or something!
    I keep some piles of photos around too, but they always get lost or bent or damaged and things like that...
    Thanks for the super cute idea!
    xo Flora // thelastpostblog.blogspot.com

  2. Are you going to give any credit to the Sunglasses manufacturer? Thanks for sharing. I use print instagram pics. I will have to create something similar for all my prints.

  3. You could just take photos of food you have recipes for, or love. And then generate a QRcode for the back so you have the directions/ingredients easier. And easier to share with friends. New-age recipe holder :)

  4. Cool! It looks like a really nice project. :)


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