12 Aug 2013

Getting Excited to Share Crafts with Printstagram

Photos are always special parts of our lives, that help us remember special moments. Before digital cameras, the only way to see photos was to get them developed and to display around the home or tucked away, in neat rows of photo albums. Now, we live in the 'digital' world these days, and memories are always stored away on black boxes, where they can't be seen (hard drives). 

Since the release of the first iPhone, many things have changed. One of the most drastic changes would be the camera. The latest versions can be up against DSLR cameras now. As well as being good cameras, cell phone photos have become very popular. Whipping out your phone that you always have with you, is easier than lugging around an DSLR (I take that back, since I just got a DSLR, I love it so much, I'll take it everywhere!!). Many apps have been created for effects and sharing but major social network, Instagram, has taken over the world of cell phone photography.

Photos on Instagram are shared, liked, commented on then an another photo is posted and the old one is pushed back into the archives. Lost. Social Print Studio has created a online tool called Printstagram, that lets you print your Instagram photos onto small square prints, little books, calendars, posters and much more (if you have read my blog from the beginning, you might remember this post) All those photos that you shared months ago can be printed and become found. 

So I'm getting really excited to collaborate with Printstagram this month. Together we are using their prints and my craftiness to bring you heaps of fun crafts with your photos that you purchase from Printstagram. . This a dream collaboration, as I admire this company for their work. We (The Team at Social Print Studio + I) hope you join in the fun, and make some great ways to share those memories.

List of Collaboration Posts. 

- Displaying Photos At Home
- Instagram Cube Mobile
- Instagram Map Scrapbook
Instagram File Box
- Instagram Jewelry Hangers

When I was writing this post and started talking to Printstagram, the collaboration & this post was going to be in the eyes of someone who does not own a DSLR camera and uses an iPhone for her photos. I received my very own camera for my birthday and am not one of those people now, so some of my opinions have changed.



  1. Coool!I absolutely love the name; PRINSTAGRAM!!
    Lol its like a mixture of Instagram, Pinterest and its own little twist!
    Alex XOXO

  2. He harri I know this is a bit unrelated but I was wondering if you could repost or make another 'inside my blog planning book' post as it seems like a great resource and I'd be really interested to see how you use it xx


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