3 Aug 2013

How I used my handwriting in a font

I'm so excited to share a fun and easy method to create fonts with my own handwriting! I used an app called iFontMaker on the iPad and made my first font in about 15 minutes. :) It was super fun and self-explanatory. Here's how it works:

There are some standard fonts to choose from. You choose a font and then the app guides you through the entire alphabet (uppercase, lowercase, symbols), you draw each letter using the font as a guide for size and shape. It's so fun, I tried many types, a cursive, standard and block lettered one. 

I played around and came up with some examples to share with you. .........
If you would like the download these three silly fonts I made, just for fun, here they are: Red Velvet + Cupcake Crafty + Tall And Skinny♥ Heres some instructions to install them Mac & PC



  1. Yaaay so cool!! I am going to download that to my ipad too :))

    Xxx Barbora

  2. Brilliant! What a fantastic app and your fonts are beautiful! :) x


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