2 Aug 2013

Mini Magazine Notebooks

I always keep at least two or three notebooks with me. I jot lists on them, keep ideas safe and tear pages out to leave notes for my friends. Notebooks is probably why my school bag is so heavy!! Today I want to share a quick (and cheap) way to make your own pretty journals. You can easily whip up heaps at once and use them in the future.

Supplies Needed:  Pretty magazine pages, paper (graph or lined etc), embroidery thread and a needle, scissors, washi tape (optional). Trim pages to the size of your choice (they will be folded in half) Add as many or as few pages as you wish (7-10 pages folded in half is a good size). 2. Cut a pretty magazine page to size (slightly larger than pages) to create a cover. 3. Fold and stitch through the center of pages to bind them together. 4. Add a piece of pretty washi tape onto the spine to hide the thread. I usually leave mine how it is though.



  1. Aww these r so cute! :)) and my school bag is too heavy too :( but bcuz of books for school

    Xx Barbora :))

    1. Haha - yeah mine is probably school books too, but I am known to carry everything with me. You never know when you will need a USB stick or a iPhone cord

  2. That is soooo super duper cool!!!
    Such a great Idea!
    I think what'd be even cuter is a bigger notebook and cut out an old cover of a magazine and do the same! It'll be cool coz you might think its actually a mag when its actually a notebook!
    Happy crafting :-)
    Alex XOXO

  3. These are just the thing I want !



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