11 Aug 2013

Organize: Blog Post Planning

When I first started blogging, I didn't know how to get ideas and when I had idea spurts (if you can call them that) I had to use them all straight away. I didn't store them anywhere. Then I was reading this post of Elsie's and discovered her binder of ideas..........

1. Sticky Note Binder  I use my blog planning notebook/binder for every post. I have magazine clippings and separate sections for sticky notes in different parts of my blog. Each section has it's own colour of sticky note so I can separate them easily if I misplace half of the ideas.

2. Journals + Sketchbooks My second way of planning posts is to carry journals and sketchbooks around. Once the ideas have been pasted into my binder, I plan them out more in a journal. This journal above, I only got for my birthday, so it's quite new, but I did use other journals to plan instead.

3. Pinterest I use Pinterest to gather DIY and recipe ideas, along with design inspiration

How do you gather thoughts and inspiration. I hope this might inspire you to plan your blog posts more. I find I get more inspiration if I actually look for it. xx Harri

P.S. I'll be back this afternoon, I'm going to share with you some photos that I took on my birthday with my new camera!!!



  1. I do this too!!!!
    But I do it a bit differently...
    I have a notebook that I carry everywhere with me, and there I write down my ideas. Because I post at least once a week, I also write down when I'll post them, but now I'm starting to post more often!!!
    Thnx for the new tips!
    Alex XOXO

  2. Hi Harri,
    I love using this calendar with sticky notes and a regular notebook for jotting down ideas. I have small sticky notes for the calendar and write the posts on them, that way you can just move them around and take them away if you have another idea or changed your mind!
    xo. Flora // thelastpostblog.blogspot.com

    1. I like that idea for a schedule. It's all written down in my iCal but that seems a better idea

  3. I really like how you organize your thoughts in your notebooks. As for me, I mostly keep a list in my head about what I am going to blog about, I keep thinking about what I want to write and adding to the idea.



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