31 Aug 2013

September Wishlist

Hasn't August gone so fast. Or maybe it's just me since it was my birthday month. My birthday was amazing both on and offline. I got a record amount of views (1,171 in one day) and reached 56 followers. You all made my birthday month so special. Even though it's just been my birthday, I have much already on my wishlist (I did get some birthday money) so I might just have to buy some of this.

1. A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book - What blogger doesn't have this on their wish list right now. I've just got to wait till it is available down here.

2. Frankie Magazine Issue 55 - Another something that takes a while to get down here to New Zealand. Counting down those days! I love the cover illustration of this one. It's something I would love on my wall

3. Typo Craftiness Pencil case - I love this print, I certantily don't need another pencil case, but I might get it for the print!

4. Van Gogh Watercolor set - I'm keen to start using watercolors again. Chloe uses these, and they look very good. I think they are avaliable on eBay quite cheaply

5. Project Life Stuff - I don't really want to buy Project Life cards, but the kraft (I did spell that right) collection is so cute and colourful. And I will definitely buy some more pocket pages

Just carrying on from the first paragraph, I just want to thank you all for supporting me. My blog is almost 5 months old but many people don't have 56 followers that quickly. All your comments are just so special to me, and everything you do. If it's sharing my craft on your blog or emailing me or having my button in your sidebar. It just means so much and I can never thank you enough for bringing me this far into my blogging journey. xx Harri



  1. Everything on your wishlist looks so lovely! and your blog is gorgeous, you deserve every follower! x

  2. Aww! Sooo cute!! Luv this post!
    Alex XOXO

  3. Hey Harri,
    Your wishlist is so cute! And I agree with Erin, you deserve every single follower. :]
    Have a lovely day,
    xo Flora // thelastpostblog.blogspot.com

  4. Awww congratz on your follower^^ u really reached them super fast! U have so cute posts

    Xx Barbora


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