11 Aug 2013

Turning 14 + A New Camera

Yesterday I turned 14. It was such a fun birthday. My family and cousins had such a great time. I got spoilt yesterday with cards, presents, texts, facebook messages on my timeline...... I even got a lovely email from Barbora wishing me a Happy Birthday all the way from England. Thank you Barbora.

From left to right......Kikki-K Feature Journal, pencils, typo sticky notes, mt Washi Tape Set, typo book, Kikki-K House Stamp, Clarins Lip Gloss, Kikki-k Gift Card, Kikki-K Stamp Pad, Ciate Manicure Kit.

As you can see, everyone knows that I love Kikki-K!!!

For my birthday, my Mum and Dad gave me something I really wanted. A Real Camera. I got such a surprise when I got it,  I was so excited, since I only use my iPhone camera for photos. Maybe I can say, I'm a real blogger now. If you're interested, it's a Canon EOS 1100D. I love using it for taking photos of almost everything. Below is some of the first photos that I took with it.

My sister and Mum spent yesterday afternoon making this lovely cake.....I just love the decorations. We also had cupcakes on the side, since our family is quite big, and the cake it quite small!!! Hope you enjoyed hearing about my birthday!!!

Tomorrow I've got some really special, exciting news to share with you. See you then. xx Harri.

P.S. I'll post the recipe for the chocolate cake soon!!!



  1. happy birthday!
    The cakes look so yummy :)
    And you are a really good photographer.

  2. Happy birthday! It looks like the day was amazing. Enjoy being 14 xx

  3. Happy Bday Harri!!!!
    I cant believe I didnt know!!!!
    Looks like u had sooooooo much fun!!!!
    Oh, have lots of fun with that new camera!!
    Lots of birthday wishes,
    Alex XOXO

  4. Oh the camera is taking wonderful photos!!! And yes I look forward to the cake recipe :))

    Xx Barbrora

    Ps: thanks for mentioning me :)) u r lovely x :)

  5. Happy birthday!
    I love your blog :)

  6. Hey Harri,
    Happy birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day. But when you say you only use your iPhone camera for photos, does that mean that until now all the photos on your blog are made with your iPhone?! If they are, you're a seriously good photographer! They all look as if they were made with some high-tech camera! Ö
    xo. Flora // thelastpostblog.blogspot.com

    1. Yes my photos were al taken on either an iPhone 4 or ipad mini

  7. I adore the notebook its adorable! Also love the background for the photo!

    1. Thanks - guess what, the background is wrapping paper that the camera was wrapped in. I'm going to make lots of backgrounds from wrapping paper now.

  8. Yay Happy belated birthday Harri!


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