14 Sep 2013

Displaying Photos At Home with Printstagram

When Printstagram started collaborating with me, I had many ideas for using their prints. I had some good DIY's (that I shared already) but many of the ideas that didn't involve instructions. For my last post with Printstagram (but we aren't saying goodbye to SocialPS yet) I'm going to share with you some ideas for using your prints. Hopefully this might spark your imagination to something new. I would love to hear from you.
Coffee Cups and Pegs. This could be a way to label a drink at a party without writing the persons name on it. But of course you could do that too. Or what about pen holders!
Here's another labelling idea. Place setting for a dinner party. You could use a photo of them or taken by them.
Framed in mason jars. I got this idea from Elsie, so credit to her. But I love the idea of having jars everywhere with your photos.

Kitchens are never very colorful are they. Blu-tack your photos onto a chopping board and leave it leaning behind your stove top or in your pantry, but don't worry about water since Printstgram's prints are water-resistant. 

Thanks for this collaboration Printstagram. I've had so much fun sharing crafts with everyone. But I've got exciting news about Social Print Studio's new site BluePrints.



  1. Awww!! So many gr8 ideas!! I think the first one is vrilliant! I always put my glass on window on these parties :D hhahaha

    Xoxo Barbora :)

  2. Oh I luv the idea of the party decorations!! Soo cute!
    Thats's a great idea and would be very unique at a party!!
    Have a great day!
    Alex XOXO

  3. Love this whole look!

  4. I love the idea with the cups, otherwise it's always so boring just writing the names!!


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