9 Sep 2013

DIY Magazine File Boxes

 I have always loved magazine file boxes. But you have to agree, that they are very ugly. Maybe I could buy pretty ones, that cost a lot or make your own in 10 minutes like I did. All you need is a cereal box. Now you will all know what I have for breakfast, but that's all right.

 Supplies Needed: thick black pen, large eraser, brown wrapping paper, scissors and a cereal box. 1. Draw a line around the cereal box in a file box shape (see above if you don't know). 2. Cut out the box and keep the bottom half. 3. Cover the box with brown wrapping paper. I suggest folding your wrapping paper around the box as it's quite fiddly. 4. Now your box should be ready to decorate.

You can decorate how ever you like. But below I'll show you how I made my rubber stamp.

 1. Draw a shape on the rubber. I used a HUGE rubber from Smiggle 2. Cut it out with quite sharp scissors. 3. Test your stamp with an ink pad onto scrap paper. You don't want to ruin your masterpiece do you. 4. Stamp onto your box and add anything else you want, like labels, embellishments, other stamps or anything from your craft box.

It's so perfect for my Frankies as I love displaying them on my desk!!! Have a great day xx Harri

Idea from A Little Birdy Told Me Blog



  1. So cute! and very creative :)

  2. So cute!
    Great idea might have to try it :)
    I love frankies too! One of my favourite magazines!

    Ruby xxx

  3. Just tried this and it is so super cute and useful. I love it! Thanks so much for the idea :)

  4. I love your idea! Now, I want to do it ! :)
    Thanks for sharing ! ♥♥


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