12 Sep 2013

Instagram Cube Mobile

I've got another collaboration craft with Printstagram. This one is so easy and any of you could do it with normal photos. It's a mobile and I love my mobile now hanging in my Printstagramrised room (word?).

Supplies Needed: glue, scissors, Printstagram Mini Square Prints, this cube template on A4 paper. 1. Cut out your printed cube template. I used four but you can use as many or as less as you like. 2. Fold your template - lines facing inwards. 3. Glue your prints onto the four sides of template. 4. Use your scissors to punch a hole in the remaining two sides of template. 5. Glue template together. 6. Thread string through cubes and knot string.

Hang up on your ceiling and you're done. I hope you like this craft. I'll be back later in the week with my last Printstagram Craft xx Harri.



  1. Wooow that is really cute!!! I think it looks so adorable!

    Xx Barbora

  2. Cute! Great idea to spice up a room!
    Oh and I like the background of the workspace u used to create the cube thing!
    Have a great day :-)
    Alex XOXO


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