2 Sep 2013

Instagram Print Jewelry Hangers

Do you always want to hang up and organize your jewelry on nice pins, stuck in the wall (Maybe it's only me) But you are too scared to put holes in the nice white walls. As part of my collaboration with Printstagram, I'm going to show you how to make hangers for your jewelry without any holes in your wall.

Supplies Needed: wire cutters, Printstagram squares in either size, glue gun, push pins and blu-tack. 1. Using the wire cutters, carefully cut the metal/sharp bit off the pin (you might want to get someone to help you). 2. Glue the now pointless pin onto the instagram squares. 3. Blu-tack the prints to the wall where you want to place your jewelry. 4. Hang your jewelry up.

Now it looks like you have pins in the wall but you don't. This would be perfect if you were renting your home as well.

Thank you for collaborating with me on this Post, Printstagram. I've had so much fun making these crafts so far. xx Harri



  1. Such an absolutely amazing idea!!!
    Sooo cool!! And it looks exactly like u've just stuck a pin right through ur wall!!
    Alex XOXO

  2. Wooow!!! No way!! Thats a btilliant idea Harri! Thanks

    I love it so much!!

    Xx Barbora

    Ps: u r invited to my fashion party game on my blog :) if u have time u can come and play x

  3. that's such a cute idea, well done! :)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  4. This is such a great idea!


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