24 Sep 2013

Organizational Storage Boxes

So my room is organized, neat and tidy......kind of. Just don't open my cupboard and look at the top shelf. But it started to annoy me. Typical me, such a perfectionist. I needed a simple and easy way to store all my rubbish on my top shelf of my cupboard that I just can't throw out. Say.... old travel journals, school yearbooks, never used makeup, folders of paper, favourite books, you name it, it's probably on my top shelf. I didn't get a before photo for you, but I don't think you would have wanted to see it anyway. Just the after shot.

I used Elsie's idea of fabric covered boxes to create my own without fabric, because I don't have any fabric at the moment. I need a trip to Spotlight now, do you want to see my list? I used black paper to cover the front of my box and wrapped the lid with map. I then experimented with some different paper and wrapping for my other boxes. I labelled some with the prints that getblue.co sent me and filled them up. But don't worry, there is some organization within the boxes - but a few could be just labelled 'stuff'. Where else are you supposed to put the stuff that doesn't go with anything else.

So now you can look at my shelf without getting a fright. It's school holidays now so I'll be making lots of new crafts. Sorry I've been lacking in them lately - I've got some new inspiration now. Like way too much!! xx Harri


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  1. I love this idea! Definitely something that needs to be done in my bedroom. :) I love that you used the map, it looks wonderful! And as do the prints.
    xo Rachelle // Beloved Bluebird


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