6 Sep 2013

Printable : Geo Ball Box

I've been making and editing lots of printables for you lately. I've got two or three lined up to share. This first one is for geo ball boxes. I got the template at this blog and changed the colors. She is very clever in making these. They are foldable paper boxes that stand up and hold washi tape. This is a perfect organizational box for anything in your craft corner.
Remember my post on "Color Stories", well here's an example of how I made this printable's colors. I actually found this color scheme on Kikki-K's happy wrapping paper. But I lightened the colors and changed the layout of the triangles for mine.

Download this free printable available to all Cupcake Crafty readers here.

Please do not share this printable, use for profit in any way, or claim as your © Zu Le Blog.  If you'd like to share on your blog, please only link to this post, not to my download link.


1 comment:

  1. I am absolutely in love with these!
    I just made them! Thnx to you!
    And they r just gorgeous!
    Thnx so much for the printable!!
    They are now sitting on my desk holding my thumbtacks!!
    Thnx again!
    Alex XOXO


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