18 Sep 2013

Spring Art Journal

I have always loved the idea of art journalling your everyday lives. I love how both Elsie and Emily Jane do it so uniquely. Then Emily Jane started her July Journalling Challenge. I jumped at the chance to have a go at starting my own journals. I missed the first 5 days because I was busy in the last week of term at school and then caught up that weekend. But day 6 was as far as I got. I was disappointed that I fell behind because I really wanted to keep up with something that I was so passionate about......

These two photos above are photos of 2 of the pages from Emily's challenge. I was proud of these pages and I know that if I had tried harder, I would have got them done and be proud of them. But because I had failed the challenge, it wasn't stopping me. I found Project Life and knew that it would be easier. I loved using Project Life but it wasn't art journalling. I found that I wanted to use it for more special occasions and big memories. I was back to thinking again. I started an 'Art Journal Ideas' Pinterest Board and discovered so many ways of art journalling, different from Elsie's and Emily's. I started making my art journal and it worked out perfectly........

I went with a simple art journal design with very few pages to start being bound with binding rings. I gathered up some patterned and plain papers and hole punched away. I got a big pack of crafters paper for my birthday and added all my patterns in. I even painted a watercolor picture of a blossom tree. It fits the theme perfectly considering it's spring. That's how my first art journal became a Spring Art Journal.

And all the scrapbooking supplies that I have always collected will finally be put to good use. And of course I have to use a bit of Kikki-K in here too. Also Did I mention that I have $50 to spend at Kikki-K, look out for a shopping haul soon.



  1. I really really love ur art journal!!
    At the moment, I just love ur blog, its grown soo much in the past few months and its one of my faves!
    Ur diys are great!!!
    Have a great day and keep posting!
    Alex XOXO

    1. thank you Alex - lovely thing to hear from you. Guess what, I started to do your blog design today. I think you will like it


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