7 Oct 2013

DIY: Animal Bookmarks // Guest Post by Chloe

Hello All. Today I've got the lovely Miss Chloe posting a DIY. Her DIY's are always so cute and I'm so excited that she is sharing on here!!


Hello! Today I will be showing you how to make cute little animal bookmarks! Lets get started!

You will need: pens, craft knife, pens, cardboard. 1. Start by cutting off a portion of card (I used an old birthday card. 2. Cut the card into an animal shape - ears, tails etc. I did a cat and an owl. 3. Draw on the details on the animals. 4. Next, cut along the arms/wings, but do not cut them completely off! See the last image to see where I cut.

You are done! I love these so much because they are so easy and quick to make it looks so so cute when they pop out of your book! Be creative!
Thank you Harri for having me on your fabulous blog!
Chloe x


Thank you Chloe for this lovely tutorial. If you want more DIY's like this go and look on her amazingly fabulous blog!! I'm posting on her blog today as well. So please have a look. Have a great day xx Harri



  1. These are adorable and such a cute/cost effective way of making your book time a little more creative!


  2. I love how the paws poke over the edge of the page, cute idea!
    Have a crafty day!
    xo Flora

  3. Oh my goodness!
    These are the absolute cutest bookmars ever!!
    Thanks Chloe and Harri!!
    Definitely going to make this! Along with all of the other things I said I'd make a few years ago... (There is never any time!) Aha!
    Alex XOXO

  4. They look absolutely adorable. I am going to sit doing that this evening.

  5. So cute! I was wondering if I could take your idea and do a post on my blog? I've added some of my own twists, but I'll link back to you. Thanks!


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