3 Oct 2013

DIY: Chalkboard Cat

In our old house, my younger sister had a chalkboard sticker in the shape of a cat. When we moved, we left it behind (who knows what the new people did with it) and never remembered to get a new one. Well we would have to go to Sydney to get one, but anyway. I can't even remember why this idea came to me but I knew that we had blackboard paint as I had used it earlier in the year and why not make our own.

Supplies Needed: thin cardboard, scissors, blackboard paint, paint brush and blu-tack. 1. Draw a silhouette onto the back of cardboard. You can choose any shape but I chose to do a cat. 2. Cut out your shape. 3. Paint a coat of blackboard paint onto one side of the cardboard. I only had to do 1 layer, but depending on the paint, you might need to do more layers. 4. Blu-tack to wall and draw all over it!!!

This is perfect for kids, but why not have some fun with chalk again!!! I made one for myself and my sister and she absolutely loved it, since she left her old one behind. xx Harri



  1. This is soo cute :-)
    I love it!!!
    Ur sister is very very cute ^w^
    Have a great day :-D
    Alex XOXO

  2. Aww that is soo amazing!! I love the way it is a cat and not just a simple shape! That is a brilliant ide btw

    Xx Barbora

  3. Purrfect! I have to make one of these!


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