19 Oct 2013

iPhone Case Decorating

As iPhone's have come such a big part of many people's everyday lives they are much more expensive. Cases are the best option for keeping them safe especially if they are dropped. I hate most iPhone cases that you can buy, and the nice ones are so expensive. When I found these clear cases on eBay for $1 each, I couldn't leave them sitting in my wish list. I also bought a more expensive clear case for my everyday use and I suggest you buy a high quality one.

Supplies Needed: clear iPhone Cases, fabric, washi tape and buttons. 1. trace around your iPhone and/or case to create a paper template. 2. For this case I used stripes of washi tape to a piece of paper and inserted behind case. 3. This one was very very fiddly but worth the fiddleness. I hole punched pieces of washi tape (that were stuck on paper) and glued them onto a piece of beige paper. 4. I used the template to cut around the fabric. Don't forget the camera hole. 5. Stick buttons onto the case with hot glue. I'm loving using hot glue at the moment just like Alex.

Enjoy decorating and using your imagination to think up some other ideas. xx Harri



  1. These all look amazing! I especially love the second one :)

  2. Aww these are soo cute!! I want iphone so baad

    Xxoxo Barbora

  3. Awesome!!!! Really nice one. How you create this kind case??? I need more models about iphone case. Pelican Case

  4. This blog is so much informative..!!! Iphone

  5. where do you get your washi tape from? :)


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