11 Oct 2013

Project Restyle: Paint Pot

I got this paint pot style pen pot from the local stationers today. But it wasn't a very nice patterned one. It was $2.50 and I thought that covering it in my newly purchased washi tape would be perfect.

 Because the pattern was such a strong colour, I stuck the washi tape onto white paper first. I then glued it onto the side of the pot. I'm so happy how it came out compared to the original pattern. Sorry, people who love a vintage pattern but I prefer bright geometric shapes than floral symbols. Sorry!!!

It looks so different and perfect for my pen cup by my bed. You never know when inspiration might strike!!



  1. Oh wow! You made this look FABTASTICSOME!
    I absolutely LOVE the before pattern, but as you said, you prefer geomatric stripes!
    And... I much prefer the geometric stripes in this case because, its DIY and personalised!
    Looks great!
    Can I just ask u a question?
    What shop did you buy this from!?
    Alex XOXO

    1. I bought it from our local paper plus stationery shop. But they don't usually sell stuff like it and it was in the bargain box. A box of 75% off down from $10 to $2.5. A bit crazy but perfect

  2. I like the one u made better than it was before! It wasnt evn vintage :/
    It is cute now :)) gr8 diy

    Xx Barbora ^^

  3. Love it. I love upcycling tins :)

  4. I love your blog! Such cute and fun ideas!


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