28 Oct 2013


I've always wanted a sewing machine. Not to make clothes but to make pouches and purses and lots of cute little things that I buy everyday (maybe not everyday). So I finally decided to buy one! It was for sale really cheap at The Warehouse and I'm so glad that Gemma told me about the sale as it was very good value. I'm so so happy with it and if you follow on me on Instagram you would have already seen that I have been spamming your feeds with my creations. Time to bring them here!!!

So far I've made a million purses and pouches and phone cases, but my first actual project was a pencil case. I'm really happy how it came out because it was a first try. I re-made it because of one issue with the zip, but my Mum said that I was just being really really picky.

I also bought quite a bit of fabric, so I can share heaps of crafts here now. I think the sky is the limit when you have a sewing machine and some fabric. You just have to be creative. My next project it again a pencil case, but it's made from denim and the vintage flowers fabric. I hope to share a DIY on it next week. I'm so excited to start using my own handmade pencil case for school!!!

So, I better go and do some more sewing so see you later. I will be back with some crafts with of course, the sewing machine!!! xx Harri



  1. Yay! I got a sewing machine this year too and it's honestly the best! I used to have to use my mothers old one and that would take forever to set up. Now I just need to plug it in and I'm ready to go! Looking forward to seeing some more sewing posts! x Erin

  2. Oh sooo super awesome!
    Sewing is soooo super duper fun, and I like making clothes for the Blythes by hand sewing.
    But gosh! It takes forever! And I always get way too lazy to finish it...
    But my Grandfather, he is a tailor and makes sports jerseys and such, so he has showed me to use his machine and I am slowly getting the hang of it... But yer, Im terrible at sewing aha!
    The pouches your making are FABTASTICSOME!
    Have a wonderful time sewing the night away!
    Alex XOXO

  3. oh wow! Such a great idea!!! I especially love the polka dot one! SoooOOOooo cute!!!! xx


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