4 Oct 2013

Shopping Haul

I've been shopping again. Now you are probably groaning because you know that I have been shopping at Kikki-K. And yes I have!! I love Kikki-K so much, and having $50 to spend from a birthday present is just like Christmas (and more) for me!!!! I just can't help buying stationery.

Pencil Case: Sweet // Notepaper: Sweet // Everyday Gel Pen // Notebook Elastic: Celebrate Today

But I didn't just buy stationery. I bought some new spotted fabric for crafty projects. I'm thinking hair bows and fabric covered notebooks. I also have been looking lately for (cheap) lace trims. I found some at the fabric shop along with the cutest cat ribbon. 

But sadly (for you, not me) that is only the start. Because I still have $50 for Westfield mall, which has every shop in it!! Including Kikki-K and Typo. Yes, I know more stationery. Chloe and I are just crazy for stationery. xx Harri



  1. Argghh yes we are!! Love it Harri!!
    Chloe x

  2. Oh Kiki K is the most AMAZINGEST shop ever!
    I just love it :-D
    Typo and Kiki K are just great!!!
    I have a notepaper book like that but it is ice cream themed!!
    Oh its sooo cute!!
    Hope you spend all your money wisely (Eg. lots of pens and notebooks from Typo and heaps and heaps of crafting materials)
    Alex XOXO

  3. Awww the things u bought are amaziing!!!
    I adore your pencilcase the most

  4. OMG, I wish Kikki-K was in my country.I love stationary sooooo much <3
    Wait... is it a pencil case with your logo?

    1. No - I just recreated that cat picture Haha. xx Harri

  5. Awhhhhh!These are the most beautiful things I have ever seen !!! I want them all , but there is not any Kikki-K shop in my country :-( :-( !!!


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