10 Nov 2013

9 Inspiring Things

There is so much inspiration around the internet. How would we all create such beautiful things (ˆˆˆ) that inspires other. What came first, inspiration or the people inspired?

Right now I'm loving so much....but here's a few for you to explore and find more inspiration from these wonderful sites....

1. A Little Birdy Blog: DIY Watermelon Coin Purse // I can't resist a watermelon coin purse
2. Emily Jane Magic Tiger Dress Fashion Post // All her posts are the best!!
3. Zali's Witchery Contest Design // I'm so happy for her that she won!!!
4. A Beautiful Mess: Elsie's Hand Stamped Statement Wall // So gorgeous
5. Room Inspiration // I'm redoing my room and finding inspiration (more on that next week)
6. Clear Clutches // anyone else having this obsession!!!!
7. Zali's Fashion Posts // Equally as gorgeous as Emily's. I love these girls
8. We Love Daisy // This t-shirt is so pretty, I love the pineapple iPhone case too.
9. Watermelons // Just let me repeat my obsession with watermelons

Thank you girls, Emily, Zali and Chloe (and so many others) for being such an inspiration for me. I'm privileged to be part of the blogging community with you!! It's such fun. xx Harri



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks!! I love making inspire posts as much as I love making crafts. xx Harri

  2. Inspiration!
    I think you are my inspiration Harri!
    The way you design blogs, and your DIY's are AWESOME!
    Have such an amazing day :-D
    Alex XOXO

    1. Thanks Alex. That means a lot coming from you!!! I love peeking around at yours too. xx Harri

  3. True! Here is soo much of inspiration and I am soo so happy I am a part of this blogging scene :)) I get inspired everyday and your blog is amazing too Harri!

    Xoxo Barbora

    1. Thank you Barbora for your lovely, kind comments. I love the bloggosphere so much!!!

  4. Replies
    1. All such gorgeous things. I definitely agree with your <3 x Harri

  5. Hey,

    So true I love reading so many blogs, that have so many ideas! Especially yours, I don't know how you (or anyone) come up with so many great ideas!!

    Ruby xxx

    1. Thank you Ruby. Look for ideas on Pinterest, craft gawker and other blogs. Adjust them and create your own, that's how inspiration works!! x Harri

  6. This is such a lovely post ! Their blogs are just so inspiring, just like yours !



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