20 Nov 2013

Hello!! I'm Back

Hello!! I do exist and I'm finally back!! I've had exams the past week and a half, but YAY they are over now. Now I'm just slowly getting my results back (I'm still anxiously waiting for French, my worst subject). But now they are over, I have no idea what we will do in class? I suggest blogging, but I'm not sure if anyone will agree with me. But I've got some great post ideas during this time - ones that I think are really original and special that I hope you will enjoy!!

.....And I've redesigned. I've colourised (sadly, my spell check hates this word) the design a bit more this week. As much as I want my content to stand out, the design was getting so boring. So now everything is colourful and pretty, making me so much happier. All the links to my archive pages and favourite tags are there along with my favourite blogs list!!

I'll see you this weekend, I've got lots to do with features and stuff, but I'll find some time to come and say hi and hopefully share a craft or two!! xx Harri

P.S. And did I mention, how good this issue of Frankie is!!!! I treated myself yesterday after my exams finished



  1. YAY!
    Cant wait for some AWESOME posts!
    Thanks for following me on Instagram!
    Oh and if possible, could u email me an Instagram icon for my blog?
    Thanks so much if u could but dont worry if you cant!
    Alex XOXO

    1. Sure thing I can Alex. I'll send it in the weekend!!

    2. Hello Harri! I love your design so much xx I am going to redesign my blog over christmas and was wondering if I could email you? Need some tips and stuff xx Thanks so much! I love your DIY's :)


    3. Sure I can Jessie!! Would love to hear from you. x Harri

  2. Yeah! I'm so happy :3
    Hope, that your exams went well and of course, I can't wait for the new posts! :D
    <3 MarchingDuck

    1. Thank you - they did go well, I'm excited too

  3. Heey! Well congratz on finisheing errzhing Harri :)) I am sure u did great :))

    Cant wait for your posts ! Missed u

    Xo Barbora

    1. I missed posting too Barbora. So happy to be back!


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