1 Dec 2013

Summer Wishing

1. Reversible Spot + Stripe Bikini 
2. Frank Coffee Scrub 
3. Brika Feather iPhone Case
4. Minimal Complexity Throw Pillow
5. Kikki-K Celebrate Today Ballpoint Pen 5pk
6. Country Road coloured pencils 36pk
7. Fuji Film Instax mini
8. Yen Mag Issue 66
9. Oh Lola Marc Jacobs Fragrance

Oh Hello Summer. Yes it is actually summer (not just me wishing for some summer). Sorry for you in winter - but I have always wished for a white christmas. My wish list is getting quite big as we near Christmas (and I've received so much black friday emails). So this is Summer Wishing and soon Christmas wishing shall be here.

And also today is Advent (and only 24 sleeps till Christmas…..but i don't have a calendar, it's quite depressing but I am in the progress of making one and lots of over pretty Christmas crafts + DIYs. See you soon.
x Harri



  1. Ohh I am inprogress in making my calendar now too!! I should finish today!! I watch Instax camera too for Christmas!! Hopefully we both are going to get one

    Xoxoxo Barbora

    1. I just love how they have modernised polaroids!! Hope you get one!! x

  2. Oh awesome!
    Im in the middle of finishing my calendar too...
    I should've finished it ages ago but no.... I still have 4 letters to sew on!
    No matter! When Im done, I'll just get to open more goodies on the one day hehe :-D
    Have a great day!
    Alex XOXO


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