5 Nov 2013

What's in my Pencil Case

Hello! I've always got some kind of pencil case with me whenever I'm at school or out and about. You just never know when you might need some colouring pens or a lip balm, they might be the most used thing in the world (along with the iPhone probably)

This is my standard school one....I don't really use one at home because all my stuff is lying around somewhere in my room. At the moment I'm using my handmade pencil case that I made with my brand new sewing machine. It's the perfect size for everything that I could possibly need at school.

1 //  Stabilo 0.4 Fineliner Pens. How I love colouring, writing and doing almost everything with coloured pens

2 // Staedtler 0.3 triplus fineliners 4pk. These are my school writing pens. I use the black with notes in green + blue. 

3 // Staedtler 0.2 Pigment liner. This is my favourite pen if I am drawing or writing something out really neatly for a project.

4 // Wite out. Do you know how many times a day, I use this stuff. I make so many mistakes and this guy saves the day every time.

5 // scissors. They are really blunt safety scissors, so not what I usually use, but in a school pencil case, they can be very handy.

6 // Highlighters. Those important notes that must stand out. 

7 // Glue. For those a million maths worksheets that have to be glued

8 // Lip Balm. For those cold days where your lips are so so sore.

So there's my very boring pencil case. I hope it provided some interest to you. You never know when you might need something so generally there is USB sticks, iPhone cords, hair ties, bobby pins, headphones, notebooks, ripped up paper, loose change, photos, ........ the list can go on forever!! 
Harri x

P.S. Thanks Chloe for the awesome idea for the GIFS



  1. Replies
    1. I made the GIFs on photoshop. I used a tutorial on CraftyGirl•
      xx Harri

  2. the pictures made this post really awesome and cute. they made it inspiring!


    1. Thanks. I love taking photos!!!! xx Harri

  3. Oh I just am absolutely OBSESSED with stationary (as I know you and Chloe are too!)
    I love this post of yours! Very cute and simple!
    My pencil case is that Craftiness is Happiness one from Typo that I have been in LOVE with since I saw it on the shelf!
    The only problem is...
    That now there are pencil marks all over it from being at school!
    Ahh, how people annoy me when they purposely draw on my pencil case.
    But will try to keep that for as long as I possibly can!
    And, I hope it lasts till high school next year!
    Have a great day :-D
    Alex XOX

    1. People used to always do that to mine :( - stationery obsessions are the best though!!!! xx Harri

  4. Nice! I really love stabilo/staedtler pens =)))

    1. Best pens for almost everything!!! xx Harri

    2. I want nice pens. Huff.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks. I'm sharing a DIY for it next week!!

  6. You have some nice pens. My pencil case is filled with various free pens from businesses, random colour pencils, some erasers and a few paperclips .

    1. Haha - sometimes my pencil case turns into a mess. This is the tidy state

  7. I wonder if you draw with those? Hmmmmm.


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