28 Dec 2013

christmas love (take two)

I'm slightly annoyed at blogger right now. It just deleted a few posts including my latest christmas post. But anyway I'll just re start so ignore all this. But I did take the chance to take some new photos because my photos from christmas day were iPhone photos. x

Hello! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and holiday time with your families. I love looking at everyone else's Christmas goodies so I am in no way bragging, just interested in showing you!

Gifts from picture above...

Rifle Paper & Co Notebook 2 pack and coasters set | I just love this dreamy flower range - you can never have enough notebooks!!

Kikki.K Sweet Collection Desk Calendar + Sweet Collection Notebook 3pk | Both from the sweetest (sweet) collection ever. Once again you can never have too many notebooks!! :)

Reeves Watercolour pan set and Bockingford Watercolour Pad (not pictured) | I love using watercolours and since my old ones ran out, I've done no painting. So YAY now I can paint!!!

Paris Paper Fold out 3D city | I've always loved everything about Paris. I really want to go there!! This fold out city is so cool. I'm not sure where I am going to put it yet as it's quite long!

Happy Socks Coloured Pencil 5pk | Coloured Pencils!! each pencil has a different pattern instead of just being a block colour!

Marc Jacobs Mini Perfume Set with Daisy, Dot + Oh Lola

Other Gifts....

Frankie Subscription | so excited because I shall get it on time now and not have to wait for a month until Frankie gets off air freight - quite a price leap!

Superette Anchor Makeup Bag | I wish I could have included this - it is so cute and is made out of waterproof material. It is so perfect!

The Yellow Brick Road Blue Classic Coloured Pencils | A little tube of coloured pencils for pretty little things!

I love the Marc Jacob Fragrance Mini Collection because I love his perfumes and his bottles. But we all know that it's expensive so why not get all of them in a little set. They look so cute on my dresser right now!!

I would love to see what you got for christmas. I'll come visit your blog if you would like to!
x Harri



  1. I love your blog! WOW Harri is there any way to get your posts back?! How did they delete?!

    1. I haven't found a way to get your posts back but it didn't really matter because it only deleted posts under the label food. I don't do food posts anymore so its fine. I don't know why the christmas post was under food but anyway not too much harm was done. Thanks for your concern x Harri

  2. YESS!
    I was on Bloglovin and went and clicked onto your Christmas Day post and it was deleted!
    Anyways, thats so awesome what u got!! I got a Kikki K notebook too and aren't they just gorgeous?!
    Ahh can't wait to fill it with ideas and such!
    Hope u had such a lovely Christmas and have a great New Year smelling all lovely with your perfumes!
    Alex XOXO

    1. Kikki.k!! I don't know how I would live without it :P You have a good new year. I loved your post this morning. Lucky duck with the Justin perfume!! x

  3. Wow everything is so lovely! Ooh a frankie subscription is a great gift - I have to renew mine soon! :)


    1. Yes it was so exciting because I have to wait for 3 weeks sometimes for it to arrive here! x

  4. Love the kikki.k presents you got! Love the brand but I live so far away that I doubt I will ever buy any of there stuff. And those pencils look so cute!
    And I just uploaded my christmas present post today! So if you still fancy reading gift posts you can do so here: http://ohhayblogs.blogspot.com/2013/12/christmas-gifts.html

    1. But you might be lured into the trap of Kikki.K and end up buying some of it!! haha. Have a great new years. xx

  5. Woow the paris paper 3D fold sounds amazing! That ´s a brilliant idea to create something like this
    I love the stuff u got!

    Well yi might make a post about this but last year nobody was really interested in what I got :,D xD but maybe yi will do it this year

    Xx Barbora

    1. Yes it is really cool. I might send you a pic sometime of it opened out. Are you on direct message on instagram x Harri

  6. Everything looks so wonderful Harri! The stationary is all so pretty and those perfumes are amazing! Merry Christmas! xx Emily

    1. Thank you Emily. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too. x

  7. I didn't post what I received, but I did post what I gave!
    Those color pencils look super fun to use, and the 3D city sounds very cool.
    And you're right!
    You can never have too many notebooks.

  8. Ahh Kikki K, I absolutely love their stationary as well, how could you not?
    I got the sentence a day journal from their for christmas and I love it!


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