4 Dec 2013

DIY Advent Calendar // Welcome to Christmas

Yay!! It's Advent. Happy Advent and Christmas Month everyone!! I finally got round to making my advent calendar, around 3 days late. But it was worth it and I love it so so much. I've never made an advent calendar so I loved trying to think of different ideas. I had an idea for matchboxes but I didn't have 24 matchboxes or the energy to make 24 matchboxes. I've used brown paper envelopes and present shapes from Kikki-K gift bags instead. But I think I love it even more than I would have.

I added lots of photos from Social Print Studio and chocolates into my calendar and I am going to add activities cards into the days for after school is over. I only have just over a week to go so I'm getting really excited and my brain is slowly transferring to holiday mode. I can't wait to have lots of spare time to make Christmas crafts and celebrate the new year.

I also went to Taylor Swift's Red Tour Concert on Saturday night. It was amazing and I really want to go again. If any of you Australia readers are going, you definitely have something to look forward too, she is incredible and the show is amazing. You will be mesmerised. x Harri

P.S. I'm so so close to 100 hundred followers. I've got something exciting planned for when I reach it!! x



  1. Aww this is such a sweet little idea! I would have loved to have made an advent calender, but I have left it a bit late now!
    I wish I could've gone to Red, but she didn't come to SA :(

  2. Nice advent calendar it looks cute and professional. As a matter of fact, I am Australian and I will be going to the Taylor Swift concert this Saturday!! I'm glad that you enjoyed the show, I'm really looking forward to it.

  3. Oh I cannot believe it either!
    I only have 8 more days of being in Primary school, until... I will b in high school!
    Time flies soooo fast!
    Your advent calendar is soooo simple and cute!
    I made an advent calendar too and coincidentally, will be my post this weekend aha!
    But mine is very different so don't worry aha!
    Hope your last week at school is fabulous and have a great start of Summer!
    Alex XOXO

  4. I'm so excited for Christmas!!!! Your advent calender is so sweet! I love all your crafts and your blog in general :) Would you mind taking a peek at mine? I have a giveaway going on right now!

    Hope your having a great summer! Where I live it's winter and it snowed today!


    ~Maiya~ http://maiyamac.blogspot.com

  5. Ohh this is seriaosly soo cute!!! I made my calendar this year too

    Xxx Barbora

  6. That's so cute, I'm making it this year I have a blank space of my wall


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