31 Dec 2013

New Year // 2014

Wow! It's New Years Eve, day 365 of 2013. I can't believe it's gone so fast, but looking back, 2013 has really been a great year, and I hope 2014 will too.

2013 // A Year in Review

2013 Goals // Reach 100 followers on my blog + Grow my hair out (it was very short in 2012)

Achieving // I achieved my blogging goal on the 4th December 2013 when I reached 100 followers. I know that followers really shouldn't matter and it's more about the people, but I'm proud anyway and happy that my blog might go somewhere.

2013 // Happenings

A major leap in my blogging was becoming a craft blogger in July. I finally rediscovered how much I loved crafting from when I was little

For my 14th birthday, I was given my first DSLR camera, a Canon EOS 1100D. It was a vey big surprise, as I always took photos on my iPhone and I really did want to improve my photography.

Then I reached 100 followers. This was special because it was one of my goals for the year, but it also gave me reassurance that people were reading my blog, and my blog might go far in the future. 100 followers is not easy to reach in 9 months.

2014 // A Year Coming......

2014 Goals // Keep blogging and doing what I love on my blog + improve my photography

Even though I have a DSLR. I rarely use the manual modes, I generally leave the camera on green squared auto. But I started comparing my photos to others and finding how dull and unsharp my auto photos were. The photos were only perfect when the lighting was perfect. Just this afternoon I started looking at working my camera manually, and I'm already having more fun than I was and as you can see by the photos, they are looking much better.

But I wouldn't be doing any of this without your amazing support of me and blog. I want to continue doing this with you. I hope the 2014 brings good to all of you
Have a safe and happy new year.
x Harri

P.S. Have you noticed my new custom domain. I've gotten rid of the annoying dash and am so much easier to find. So reset your links and come visit me on my own domain!!



  1. happy new year! how did you change your domain? what website did you use to make your own domain? i love your blog and can't wait to see 2014! you've inspired me to maybe start my own blog! do you recommend starting on blogger or my own domain?



    1. I used Go Daddy and then just followed the blogger instructions. Would love to see your blog one day x

  2. I'm with you on the camera thing - for such a long time I only used the auto settings but the things I discovered I can do on manual was so enlightening.

    Have a great 2014 :)

    Erin // http://www.erinoxnam.com/

    1. It's so much more fun now. I can't believe I used the terrible auto pics for so long. Didn't I realise they were terrible ? x

    I can't believe what has happened this... I mean last year!
    Ahh scariness!!
    Hope 2014 is a wonderful year for you and you have soooo much fun and happiness!
    Love Alex xoxo

    1. So much has happened you are right. Can't wait to see what you do with your blog in 2014 x


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