26 Jan 2014

DIY // Cat Pencil Case

Ahh!! Isn't this exciting. Restyling my sewing machine, really gave me some inspiration to get that sewing machine working again. I am so happy with the outcome of this pencil case.
Because the design and the way I made it, was the first time - and apart from a couple of sewing mistakes (nothing that can't be fixed) it's perfect....and it's in the shape of a cat!!!!!!! I made mine quite small so it doesn't really fit my pens, but I might use it for makeup or coin purse or a phone case!!!
You will need: a sewing machine (or needle and thread), pins, outer fabric, lining fabric and small zip
Step 1: Trace out the shape of your animal with correct size to your zip (it will allow seam) - have two lining and two outer. Make sure that if your shape is not symmetrical that you have it so when it is done, everything will line up.

Step 2: Cut through the shape where you would like the pencil case to open. Make sure where you cut is the same size as your zip. Allow seam allowance

Step 3: Place lining fabric right side up, place zip on top, also right side up - line the zip up on cut edge.

Step 4: Finally place outside fabric face down and pin along the top edge.

Step 5: Once done, place other lining fabric underneath (see picture) so that the zip lines up with it

Step 6: Place outside fabric on top of zip face down and pin into place again. Sew along the zip.

Step 7: Line up piece of fabric and other lining and outer and line it up inside out. Leave the zip open halfway so you can turn it inside out again later

Step 8: Sew together and turn inside out.

You are done!! Admire your work!!!
Hope you found the tutorial ok to understand - I know it's quite tricky - leave a comment if you are stuck



  1. Definitely making this Harri! I love your blog like so so much! x

  2. This is such a cute idea! You are so talented and inspirational, I'm definitely trying this out.


  3. So cute ! Have an idea now !

    Eb x

    1. Thanks. Hope you enjoy making it. x

  4. I love this idea!! Btw I like your new blog design!! :))

    Btw I dont get how u all can sew so well at such you g age I am 15 and I can hardly sew a blythe dress! U r amazing

    Xx Barbora

    1. Thanks - it took a long time but it was a very simple pattern. x

  5. so adorable! such a great idea!!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

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  7. CUTENESS!!!!!!
    I love it Harri!
    Alex xoxo

  8. This is so easy and creative, I love it! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. So adorable! I just love it. Thanks for sharing at our link it or lump it party this week.

  10. I love your blog so much

  11. you make it so good and simple. ahh im suck at sewing :p


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