6 Feb 2014

Bloggging on an iPad

Hello!! YAY a new post (finally sorry). Oh my gosh where did all that time go. But onto the post....

Don't you think that iPads are just such a lovely thing to have
i know that they aren't necessary but they are so much fun and I've discovered them to be such a great blogging tool.
i've even found that you can blog solely from an iPad - even with your DSLR camera photos
i tried it out last week when I was away - it worked!! But I didn't really actually blog much anyway.
(I just noticed how low on charge my iPad is on the photos, probably cause I can never be bothered to charge it unless it is dead)

So I'm going to share a few tools + apps that might be helpful.....

Blogsy (App Store, $6.49)

Well this app is necessary and so perfect
It's the most perfect blogging app because it suits all platforms
I love it because you can decide what size you want your photos to be and add photos from instagram, Facebook and many other places (as you can see from photo above)!!!

Its very easy to write up your post - but they have yet to fix a few bugs or upgrade to iOS 7 but other than that, it's a great easy app to use.

SD card reader for iPad (Apple Online, $45)

If you have a browse through the apple website you will find they have created so many handy accessories and adapters for iPads.
My favourite has to be an SD card reader. Once I was down $45. I had this handy thing
Now I can load any photos from my camera to my iPad without having to email through my laptop.

Sketchbook Pro (App Store, $6.49)

This is not a neccesarity for blogging as such ($6.49 - also a free version) but great if you hand draw your blog illustrations and don't have a drawing tablet.
I love doing all my banner designs and handwriting on this app because writing with a trackpad is almost impossible.

Touch Screen Stylus (Ebay, $10 or Ten One Design, $79)

This is something that you can invest lots of money into, or almost nothing at all but is very handy
They are great to use with apps like sketchbook pro when doing detailed drawings.
You can get cheap plastic styluses on ebay and trade me
But other companies like Ten One Design create styluses that have wrist-guard, bluetooth and all sorts of fancy stuff on them to make it feel like drawing with a pen.
I use a sort of cheap one (around $20) that my Dad found at his work.

Other Apps (Your Input + Ideas)
If you use anything else, please comment it so I can add a list in the post for the use of others. x

- iFont Maker (personal fonts special to your blog)
- Moleskine (Planning and journalling)
- iResize (you have to shrink your camera photos because they are so big)

Hope you might have found a new app to use.
x Harri



  1. This is so great, Harri! I am currently saving up for an iPad mini, and I was recently thinking...why do I really need one? And blogging is definitely one reason to have an iPad. I can't wait to download all of these apps (once I get an iPad). ;) Thanks for sharing!
    xo Rachelle // Beloved Bluebird

    1. Oh Yay!! Yes they are so worth saving for because they are so much fun and useful for more than just blogging! x

  2. I am about to buy an iPad to use for uni so this post is great considering I'll probably be viewing/writing blogs from it 90% of the time as well! So useful xx


  3. I really enjoyed this post! Even though I don't own an iPad, the convenience factor's really tempting (especially for blogging). I happen to love using calendar and list apps like Wunderlist for prioritising things, it's really useful!

    1. Thanks!! Yes they are so easy to carry around x

  4. eep I have just got an ipad mini and yay now I can use it for blogging!! xx

  5. I don't have an iPad so I use my laptop for blogging. I have the moleskine app on my phone which I find so cool and amazing !
    Eb x

    1. Thanks. I love the moleskin app so much x

  6. Thank u soo much!! I was very curious how u can blog with ipad because I am always on my ipad ( now too ) and idk how to blog but I guess I cant afford an app for 45$ but nevermind :))

    Can u please tell me how do u draw in sketchbook pro? Do u use a drawing pen? Can u pleae answer or email me at ruruthepes@gmail.com ? I would be sooooo thanful

    Xx Barbora

    1. Yes the sd card reader is a pain being so much - I think there is cheaper options on ebay
      I do use a drawing pen as I mentioned in the post. x

    2. Hello, I just wanted to say that I wouldn't recommend buying a cheaper SD card reader on Ebay. This is because a lot of products on Ebay are bootleg products (cheap replicas). Apple devices only allows you to use plug-ins that are real Apple products. But if you have tablet that isn't Apple, I'm sure it would be fine.

      Lindy xx

  7. love all these! its definitely making me reconsider my boyfriends offer in letting me use it when i go away to london with my college class!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

    1. Thank you! I would take the offer definitely. x

  8. That sounds super cool cause I've always wanted to blog on my ipad

  9. What a great post! This post is SO helpful and thanks for all the great ideas and tips! I LOVE THIS!!! xxx

  10. I am so please with sketchbook pro it is great to use and really affordable!

  11. I don't have a laptop, so I use my iPad for blogging. I have one of those iPad keyboards.


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