20 Feb 2014

room inspiration // mood board

So above is a room mood board (again) because I'm changing around my room (again)
So it definitely means more room tours!! Yay!!

To start the changes I have just got a trestle table (second photo down on left column) to change the craft table from my previous room tour into a more usable space as I have a small desk which is crammed in a corner.

So I have heaps ideas of what I'm going to change and decorate....here are a few...
- get a new desk to replace my craft table (complete!!! Yay! )
- buy some little succulents with pretty pots to decorate
- find a new pen cup for my everyday pens (tall glassware)
- decorate with gorgeous wall confetti around my sleeping space
- re do my inspiration wall in a simpler way (not sure how yet)
- make lots of patterned cushions for my bed
- get simple brown boxes for my stickers, papers, paints and one for my camera gear

But I'm going to try and stick with a theme of wooden and white with coloured things like magazines and photos and pens and washi tape....and the list goes on so the white theme will probably just trickle away anyway but might as well try..

Right now my room is a disaster zone with stuff and Pinterest cut outs lying everywhere (and no, you do not get to see the 'before' pics because it is just plain embarrassing) as I'm redecorating it right now as we speak, so I shall get back to work and get decorating....now where did I put that magazine...somewhere amongst this junk I guess...until next time!
x harri



  1. Hi Harri!

    I absolutely adore this post- it's as beautiful as you are! An idea for a pen cup is a vintage jar-that's what I use and I love it!

    Georgina xx

  2. I love this ! It's so cute !
    Eb x

  3. keep designing harri! don't ever stop xx I constantly find new things to fall in love with on pinterest :) I was wondering if you could check out my recent post on my blog? great to have your feedback :* paintingtheoceanblog.blogspot.co.uk

    1. thank you so much Jessie. Love the new post on Survival! It's all so true. x

  4. this is everything i want my room to be like too!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  5. these pictures are amazing! good luck with your room, i'm sure it will be wonderful x


  6. I really hope your room is going to look the way u want it!
    I love your inspiration board! I wish my room looked similiar tbh

    Xx Barbora

  7. Your room is going to look so cool and clean!


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