8 Mar 2014

a little bit of beauty

I don't share much other than crafting and photography etc.
but I love lip glosses and other bits of beauty too!
I don't go full out with makeup but I do wear lip gloss and perfume - it smells so lovely

first up is my lip gloss favourites
i love my SAX pink lip gloss, Lancome Juicy Lips and Clarins Perfecter Pink for Lips

Then I have my small weakness for LipSmackers
OMG I just love smackers. They have the best lip balms (even better for licking it off your lips)
i have many but my favourite is the vanilla coke one
my other favourites are fanta, coke, sprite, pink lemonade and cookie dough
for a real protective lip balm I use Blistex Vanilla, which is heavenly as well.

perfume....so heavenly. why is it that I just buy makeup for the aromas
I love the taylor swift perfume - I really really want (wish for) her new one too!
I also love Marc Jacbobs, Daisy eau so fresh and dot.
but I have all his perfumes in miniature 4mL bottles

i hope you might have found something new. I've got some great posts coming up like a new room tour!! eek, it's going to be so exciting and something really helpful for fellow blog designers. But you will just have to wait and see!!!
x harri



  1. I saw these coke acd fanta at my local drug store!! They look soo amazing!! I am excited for the upcoming things on your blog!! I have some exciting posts planned too ! Yaay

    Xx Barbora

    1. Yes the coke lip smackers are incredible
      Thank you!! xx

  2. yay! i can't wait for the new room tour! its going to be utterly amazing! so exciting! also it would mean so much much if you had a look at my blog?! thanks! ella x x x

    1. just had a peek at your blog
      it's lovely. I love the header

  3. I really love Taylor Swifts perfumes! They smell amazing!

  4. Lip Smackers are my favourite! I have all the soft drink ones, but cookie dough?! I definitely need to try it out for myself now :)

    1. it sounds a little odd, but its amazing, my friend just got it. xx

  5. I've been searching for cocacola lip smacker in my local drug store, but i can't find one.

    Verve Hues

    1. Yeah I just get them at out local pharmacies
      good luck finding them

  6. The Vanilla Coke Lip Smacker is the best! Cute post

    India, Striped French Bulldogs



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