17 Mar 2014

diy // paper succulents

So right now, I'm loving the succulent craze
I don't have any of my own, but I'm trying to find where to get some nice little ones
but I decided to craft my own out of paper
I had seen felt succulents on pinterest but using green paper and some pom poms I was able to make some quirky little cartoony succulents.
I also had a bit of fun dressing up the pots in pretty patterns on a white pot.

assorted coloured pens // fineliner // green paper // stuffing // terracotta // scissors // glue

I'm going to share one type of succulent that I made then you can get creative and create your own

step 1 // cut out leaf shapes in various sizes. Add detail to the leaves with pens if you want

step 2 // Make layers of your leaves and glue them together into a floral shape

step 3 // Once you have got a shape you like, fill your pot with stuffing and then a piece of brown felt or fabric for dirt/soil

step 4 // add decorative pieces like a centre pom pom or flower. it's up to you

There you have it!! Your very own paper succulent that you don't have to worry about killing!!
Now maybe you can get creative with different types or give the pot a makeover like I did!!
x harri



  1. Adorable! Love this idea. I'm no good with plants, so this would be perfect for me haha :)

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  2. That's very creative and so so cute!

  3. Thank u so much for this!! I was looking forward the whole day to come home and see this diy bcuz I saw in in the morning on instagram. I think I will make one for my dad ´s names day :)) ^^

    Xx Barbora

  4. Such a good idea ! I definatly might try this !
    Eb x


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