21 Mar 2014

room tour // issue two

I am just so so excited right now! I've finally finished all my room changes and am ready to go with a new room tour. 
You might be slightly confused...well i shared my room tour a couple of months ago but as you know, I bought a new trestle table for a desk as I wanted a bigger space to craft!
I am finally so so happy with it and it's simplicity but with lots of pretty colours
here we go....

here's a pic of my new desk.
my trestle table is from trestle union and my stool is a tolic stool

I really love love love my desk right now and actually since I took these photos I have purchased some more succulents for my pretty pots that I shared earlier this week.

first on my desk I have my magazine stack which is ever growing!!! I also display my current sketchbook, my diary, and my journal with my cute little bunny rabbit and my tape dispenser.

This is my new and favourite desk accessory. It's a beautiful wooden milk crate with all my prettiness in it!! All my pens, pencils, stamps, sticker books and all sorts of little goodies!!

Here's another photo of it!! Ahh i just love how pretty it looks. I am such a crazy stationery person. but you got to love kikki.k right??

on the far end of my desk, I have my little fejoa tree (which came with the milk crate and wooden pen cup on the right) in a pretty pot and two brown boxes. My first box has more art equipment including my watercolours, extra stamp pads, thread and more stickers. Pretty much just stuff that doesn't fit in the milk crate. The other box has my cables and wires and crazy camera equipment that surprisingly is always needed. You never know what battery is going to run out next!!

Above my desk, I changed my big inspiration wall for a pegged garland of prettiness.
from left to right...
sugar bird card // unknown
watercolour cat print // amy borrell
camera cut out // kikki.k
hello sunshine card // rifle paper + co
dot card // marc jacobs perfume sample
pastel paint print // pinterest unknown
crayon cat print // flora waycott
march calendar // jasmine cowling
happy heart // kikki.k
girl + dog print // Belle and Boo Gift Ware
Just want to make beautiful things // kikki.k
sugar lemonade polaroid // typo message in a box
airmail print // flora waycott
cat print // unknown

here's pic of my cosy bed where all the dreaming happens!! I love my bed cover right now, it matches my room just perfectly!! I have a bedside table from Kartell and the lamp is from Ikea

look! here's the end of my bed. And my desk and my diy chalkboard cat for lots of lovely notes

and finally here is my colourful dresser. this area is a little bit more bright than the rest of my room right now. I'm thinking of ordering some new instagram prints with my latest more pastelly photos to replace these current ones. The rest is my makeup and jewellery which is all just so colourful, but it makes me smile!!

i hope you enjoyed my second room tour.
maybe you find something that shall inspire you for your room
i've got some 'organise your room' posts coming up soon to continue from the series I started in january
see you next time
x harri



  1. Your room is just so well organized and lovely! I love all the colours you have used and your bedding is just adorable! xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  2. I absolutely love your room! That desk is to die for - the milk crate is my favourite. I think I need to get myself one.

    Erin, beingerin.com

    1. yay! Glad to hear. hope you find one. xx

  3. I love this ! Both of the room arrangements were so good ! Unfortunately my room can't be moved round. There is only one way I can have it but I am planning on changing the colours !
    Eb x

    1. What a shame. Enjoy painting and changing your theme xx

  4. Ahh i love cool charm! I have zest x
    Savannah x

  5. So fresh and lovely! I love how it's serene and colourful at the same time—that is tricky business! I especially love the chalkboard cat, how cool is that?! And that inspiration line! Ive been planning on making something similar in bunting form for a friend but I think this is such a great alternative since you can change it up as new inspiration comes along. Awesome work!

    1. thank you so much
      enjoy making your bunting and garland

  6. i am seriously envious of your room! The milk crate idea is brilliant and such a cute way to store your stationery. I am still inlove with those sheets too!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

    1. Oh don't be envious. I'm sure yours is gorgeous too x

  7. How can I not love your room? The simplicity made it even more pretty. The colours match perfectly and God... That desk! I'd love to re-decorate mine, but I have a sister who's a hoarder, do you see my problem? haha.
    xx J

    1. haha. I'm sure you could slowly throw things away xx

  8. I love your room! My dream house has mostly white walls so I can fill it with lots of pretty coloured furniture and books! I love the dressing table instagram prints aswell, such a good idea.

  9. Omg your room is amazing love it! :) I am new to this blog thingy if you could look at my blog I would be so happy but I don't mind if you don't !!! This really inspires me to change my room up a little bit and make it less cluttered! :) Xx

    1. Thank you so much! xx Would love to but what is your blog link. it won't let me click onto your profile. xx

  10. hi harri, i just wanted to ask a quick question? i downloaded your blog theme that you made but can't get rid of the font used for my post titles (the 'me + my handwriting' one). do you know how to do this? thanks a bunch!
    izzy x

  11. I love your trestle table and now I'm thinking of getting one myself! Which size is yours? I want either 1200 or 1500

    1. hi, mine is the 1800 but I think if you want a really useful space get the 1500 or 1800. there is not that much price difference I think x

  12. I love your blog Harri! Your room is my dream and your drawings are so cute!
    (p.s Would you like to have an ad swap with me? do pop by!)

  13. hi harri i was just wondering if you could make a blog header for me because i love yours it's wonderful thanks so much i would really love it if you could
    xoxo paris

  14. Where did you get your bedsheets from? They are adorable :) xoxo


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