16 Apr 2014

always look on the bright side

I am officially on holiday!! yay!!!
I wrote this post in a very happy mood
maybe because school had almost ended or because of the many things around me that have just made me happy
so everything is being looked at on the bright side....

1 // magazines
The new frankie and yen are just gorgeous!!
I got a frankie subscription and it's so worth it because I don't have to wait
and actually I got it before our friends in Australia even released it
and the yen i have just waited so long for, the cover is just so......!!

2 // cactuses!!!
Aren't they just the cutest little things ever
I also painted the pots with triangles (very badly painted), small (very badly painted) dots and a (very badly painted) scallop rim
I think I might just repaint them a bit better because the terracotta is still showing through at the moment. I'll post on instagram as soon as they are done!!

3 // drawing, scrapbooking, journalling
with the arrival of the holidays, I thought I might get lots of scrapbooking and drawing done....but seems not as I've got lots of sailing and I'm also going camping for a few days
But I've got a new sketchbook from moleskine so it should inspire me to open it more in my spare time

Hope you are all having a happy week and maybe the start of your holidays
see you in the weekend
x harri



  1. Glad you're finally on break, I'm on the home stretch to freedom right now (one more week). I love your blog & your pictures! So happy I've found it. I'm following you now on bloglovin' can't wait to see more ! :)

    x leah symonne x


    1. welcome!! Glad to have you. Hope you continue to enjoy. thanks for following xx

  2. These photos are so beautiful ! So colourful and spring like. I love the frankie cover the best ! Ahhhh sounds like you have a lot planned ! I considered buying a moleskine book the other day. But then I didn't - kind of wish I had now !
    Eb x

  3. I am on my holiday from to orrow!! Now I am in the happy free spirit too!
    How long does your holiday take? Mine is 7 days long -.-

    Xx Barbora

  4. I'm on break too! Thank God haha. I love your blog. Every single time I open it, I feel a little more inspired. Have I ever told you that I love your pictures? Because I do, a lot. I wish we could have Frankie and Yen magazine here in Brazil. It'd be awesome!

    Joy xx
    Dicas de Garota

  5. It sounds like your holiday is off to a great start!

  6. Hope you enjoyed the holidays!
    I am so glad I stumbled across this blog today, it's so creative!

    www littlepandacrafts.blogspot.com


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