11 Apr 2014

drawing up your style

this is a much anticipated post. drawing up your style
i.e. finding your drawing style!
I always get drawing tutorial requests but that wouldn't be the right thing to share
instead I've put together a post of ways to find your own style
there is something for everyone so don't call yourself inartistic
theres abstract, realistic, tonal, cartoon, or just about anything

first things, first. sketchbooks!!
I have millions of sketchbooks, notebooks and journals
they are just something that I collect!!
Good brands to use include rifle paper & co, kikki.k, typo, moleskine but even just a covered school book would be perfect (chloe's book covering = perfect)

Pens + Pencils
Second most important!! Your tools!!
There is so many different pens out there
for fine black pens I use either triplus fineliners, stabilo (above) or Artline 200 fine 0.4
but then I also use watercolours, bic mark-its, reeves paints and derwent pencils

its fine to like an artists style and they definitely can inspire your own style but don’t copy their drawings. Maybe if someone drew a camera in a way that you liked, you could re draw it with a few different quirks and colours. Then maybe another drawing with be sparked by your new version of the camera!

let it go
if you start your drawing trying to get everything perfect and end up erasing (if you are using pencil) you will just get angry you won’t be happy with the outcome AT ALLif you just slowly let the drawing come to you slowly. You really just have to let it go (agh frozen!!! best movie and soundtrack ever!!) and let the drawing flow and come naturally.you will be so happy with the result compared to a copied forced picture and more often than not, the page with definitely get ripped.Just imagine anything and draw your heart out

practice makes perfect
don’t worry about having your first drawing perfect and don’t worry about having your imperfections in your journal. In the future you can look back on it and see how much you have improvedJust doodling and drawing whatever comes to mind can help you see your style. Like I know that my style is very cartoony style of things that we use everyday like utensils, sewing machines, cameras, cats (we hug them everyday!!!) and stationery! My favourite pieces of art are the pictures that come straight to mind or are very experimental when I'm just imagining.

Really there is no 'tutorial way' to find your drawing style. 
It just comes naturally as you draw
but you have to draw what you love and stuff you enjoy
otherwise it won't be your style

once you think you have found your style, don't block out the rest of the art world.
More often that not you will have to try something new with school art class
you never know, you might just be able to add it to your 'style' list!
x harri



  1. This a very inspiring and beautiful post. Much appreciated!

  2. You are such a good artist, I love that last drawing of your art supplies! I definitely need to start drawing again. .;)

  3. harri, this helps so much! thank you for sharing this with us all! x

  4. This is such a cute idea ! I love pen animation ! The books you have are amazing !
    Eb x

  5. hey there! i just started today and was wondering if you could check out my blog. it would be amazing if you did thanks!
    Blog: www.geekstaychic.blogspot.com

    1. of course. it's lovely. keep up the great work xx

  6. Yaa I absolutely agree!! I like drawing faces and girls.. Hair and you like cats ,plants,statioanry as u wrote!
    Being unique is soo amazing

    Xx Barbora

  7. I draw a lot when i was in teenage age, then i stopped drawing because i was so perfectionnist that i didn't like my drawing...
    Now i restart to draw, not to be perfect but just for the fact i love that, and now, my drawings get better little by little. =)
    (Let ig go, let it go <3 Wehn i read your title, i started to sing it lol)


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