30 Apr 2014

loving in may

hello lovelies
can't believe that tomorrow is May. I've got lots planned for this little (and slightly big) blog
also thanks for last week, I got 40 followers in one week and 15 overnight. It's some record I think plus I got 2.5K on isntagram thanks to the lovely +fetching_tigerss
I've got all this stuff I can't afford but can love right now so I'll share it with you
thank you so much for the amazing response to the video! Have gotten over 400 views which is amazing!!

1 // morning calm lip butter
like oh my. this lip butter is just so nice looking. The packaging (you know I fall so bad for packaging), the thought of the rose flavour and just the feeling on your lips....ok. you get the point

2 // douglas + bec angle lamp
i just love angle lamps and even though I could probably find a cheaper one (this one is almost $700) I just love this one that my mum and dad have in there room. I just adore the red wiring

3 // biscuit tape holder
I've decided I can't live without this! It's just so perfect and so so cute. Perfect for that ever growing washi tape collection.

4 // crochet succulent pots
these are adorable. I wish I could make them! Well I might just do that, but for now I will admire my desktop picture of this gorgeous photo

5 // bonjour cactus print
I just love chloe's art. This print is my favourite I think. It's something that I might just have to order. Her whole shop is amazing and I'm so sad that I missed out on the kitty cat purses (if you are reading this chloe, please sell more!!!)

6 // instax mini 
how many times have I added this to my shopping wish list. I really really want one of these. I always think of places where it would be really nice to have a roll of film. Like when I went camping last weekend, it would have made a great scrapbook of polaroids. right now that is just a dream....but anyway maybe one day!

look at all that pale pink that I just love
hope you are having a great week and sorry that I haven't replied to many comments. I was away in the weekend, so I'll try and have a catch up today or tomorrow
harri x



  1. I am jealous of your follower account, you deserve it though! It would be amazing if you could follow my little blog! xx paintingtheoceanblog.blogspot.co.uk

    you have such gorgeous taste

  2. Cute stuff! I especially like that tape holder - so adorable.

  3. Cute tape holder ! I know... Wow... In one night ! That's crazy !
    Eb x

  4. You deserve more and more followers!:)
    Muilo Burbulai

  5. I hope you get an instax, would love to see the pictures you would take. They're quite decently priced if you get them off ebay and not in store - I would never recommend buying the film in store - it's double the price you can get it for on ebay!

    Erin, beingerin.com


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