2 Apr 2014

prettify your room // blank walls

hello again!
Now you might remember way back in january (how is that 3 months ago, this year is flying already) I started an organise your room series. 
Now you can only organise your room so much. It can become very dull without personality and saying “organise your room” just didn’t sound right so I’m continuing that series but at the same time starting again.
I’ve had this post done for ages as a sequel to my first but I just didn’t want to publish it with the name…and then the idea came to me….

let me present to you……prettify your room
ahh….isn’t that just the prettiest (so original! oops) name and just makes you think of pretty pinks and pretty organisation that makes you smile unlike 'organise' which makes me think of a boring office with old file binders (the blogging world doesn't like anything plain and boring!!)

so today to start off my renovated series, I’m going to share ideas to decorate your blank walls
I get a lot (I repeat, a lot) of comments about my inspiration wall from my recent room tour and my past room tour. 
These are two of many ways to decorate a wall to make you happy!!
here’s some more ideas to create your own…but let your imagination to run away for this

start by thinking about your shape and layout that you want to have. You have endless possibilities of diamonds, clotheslines, squares or just stick things anywhere to decorate a wall
I have used a diamond which is probably my favourite because it is built from one favourite thing of mine outwards like a puzzle of fitting things in together.

I haven't got my diamond on my wall anymore but I thought that draping a solid fun bunting across your diamond to create some volume. I made a black triangular one for mine because it was contrasting to the pastels and colours that I included in my wall...see below

You could go all out crazy with colours on your wall or stick to contrasting and matching colours. I chose for my example (and actual collage) wall rouse pastels and pinks with a spot of yellow/brown and gold. I also included one piece of more a grayscale bright colours.

This is my favourite actually. Using everyday things to decorate your wall. I tacked my two favourite fine liners (contrasting colours of course) onto the wall with my jasmine dowling calendar and sticky notes for those everyday reminders

But really you just have to be creative, I'm only here to get your started and get your imagination working

Lastly I've got a new idea for sharing of your creations and we are going to start today

if you email me or tag an instagram photo with #vcbcreations,  i'll add it to the bottom of this post with a link to your instagram or blog (free advertising :-)
I can't wait to see your creations so please send them to me.
x harri

P.S. thanks so much for 300 followers, I swear that we were celebrating 100 followers yesterday, but it was over 4 months ago!! x



  1. So cute! Love this post :)

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  2. I could look and dream about your room all day Harri !
    Eb x

  3. So pretty! I love the bunting and the prints are stunning too Xx

  4. So cute! Love all your posters and stuff!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  5. I have been looking at your blog for awhile now, and I have been admiring your inspiration wall. I even said to my mom "Can I paint my room white and make an inspiration wall like on Vanilla Craft Blog?" :) Your room is my dream room!
    Thanks for doing a post about this!

    Amelia Grace

  6. Very very cute! Love the colors, & especially that clothespin line! Your style is lovely.


  7. Oh stawhp! This is soo cool! I love it and I want such stuff in my room too! U have the best room Harri

    Xx Barbora

  8. love this love this love this.
    I think with white walls you get so much more options in terms of decorating, cos you can add any pop of colour or design and it will suit.

    1. Yes exactly my thoughts. I really like white walls. xx

  9. Wow your blog is so original :) love it...

  10. so super pretty!! I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog too - am off to have an explore :)

  11. This blog is awesome. http://www.learnhowtoknitascarf.com

  12. Where is that kitty print from?


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