25 Apr 2014

video // making a perfect visual diary

ahh my gosh, I am just so excited to share this post with you today!!!
I have made my first video blog to share with you!!
this is just so exciting!!! I hope to do lots more videos now
Today's art for april post is on making the perfect visual diary.

to me, visual diaries are very different than journalling because it is so much more 'visual' 
in a visual diary you don't want to do lots of writing (who ever does!!)
instead its for sticking things in, drawings, doodles etc..

use your visual diary for //
inspiration collector: collecting notes, cut outs, drawings, text
mood board creator: it's a perfect place to make mood boards for anything
sketchbook: drawings, sketches, doodles and diagrams

what should you get //
journals are obviously the best option. Try an find one with good quality paper, pockets (for inspiration) and is easy to carry around

good brands to buy from kikki.k, moleskine (buy from amazon or ebay though: it's cheaper), rifle paper + co, typo, and many more stationery shops. But you could also just buy a plain spiral bound from your local stationer

keeping your diary //
only write small notations and captions but it's a 'visual' diary so try not to write paragraphs
lists, captions, bubbles, diagrams + labels, drawings are perfect to surround your visuals

never rip out a page in a visual diary > there will always be things you aren't happy with, but it's part of the visual and inspiration process to see how you improved

use the same pen throughout the diary to keep things tidy and have a structure to your writing and image layout.

you can have themed pages like my example page of 'what makes you happy' or just have anything that comes to mind

get creative //
+ don't just glue stick inspiration cut outs and draw around it
+ get out those boxes of stationery and scrapbooking supplies and washi tape, sticker, decorate your journal

ok so now sit back, relax and watch the video!!.....

I just love this video so much! It is my first time making one and I'm so happy with it
I really hope you enjoyed it and look forward to more videos really soon. I've already got heaps of ideas for more so get ready!
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  1. Well done Harri! Congratulations on your first video. It looks amazing. Can't wait for future ones xxx

    1. thank you so much. Glad that you want more xx

  2. Amazing video! Love your blog :)

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  3. beautiful!! Hope to see more videos in the future :D

  4. Beautiful! xx
    I was wondering where you got those typo cards from, they where so cute! ♡

  5. Love the video Harri! Can't wait to see what other videos you create in the future :)

    1. thank you. you will definitely see more xx

  6. I loved watching this video... you are so creative! I can't wait to see more. :)

  7. this was amazing harri, i loved it so much!! xx

  8. Wow that was great! Loved it! X

  9. This was so good ! I love it and you should definatly do more !
    Eb x

  10. this diary is awesome!!! thanks for sharing this incredible idea XD XD

  11. Where do you get the cut outs?


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