6 May 2014

diy // envelope decorating

don't you just love receiving things in the mail
I know I do. It just seems so special since not many people send mail now
in october, I go to camp with my school for a WHOLE month with 20 other girls. our only contact out of the camp is by snail mail!
So it's nice to receive pretty mail and letters and since letter sets are so expensive, why not make your own!

draw // colours // dots // secret inside surprise

write // decorate // cut outs // colour // glue

stamps // washi tape // lettering // handmade

washi tape // colour // inside

so go get creative
remember to have the address, stamp and return details clear and readable around your decorations
hope you enjoyed this quick but hopefully effective little post
Send your photos in for reader creations #vanillacraftblog or #vcbcreations
harri x



  1. Yay! I love letter writing too, and it's sad that so many people scoff and snort at me when I tell them that. Talk about a lost art!!


  2. These are adorable and very simple! I love the dots on the inside of the envelope...so creative!

  3. Cute ideas! I love the first idea (where you dot the inside of the envelope). It's fun, quirky, and really unique! Thanks so much for posting... :)


  4. I love letters too. I always feel so special when i get one! But I was wondering were you get all the cute notes from. like the one that says: today is a great day
    xxx jolie

  5. So cute!! Nothing beats an old fashioned letter :)


  6. Wow camping for a month sounds exciting. I'm sure you will form a close bond with the other girls. I like to do snail mail too and I hope that you get a lot of letters from your friends and family.

  7. I love these little posts...I'm always lusting over the really expensive letter sets, so this has shown me that I needn't bother!
    Just out of interest, where are your cute letter stamps from?? I would love to get myself a set.
    Grace xXx

  8. Hi Harri,

    I was looking through your gorgeous blog, and I came to realise that you also have a DIY envelope decorating post!

    When I posted my DIY envelope decorating post, I did not realise that you also have one!

    I'm so sorry for having the same post, but at the time I didn't know!

    I didn't copyright or anything, it was just misunderstanding, that's all!

    Sorry and thanks,

    Georgia.... (mixedberriesblog)


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